What is Supported Employment?

By Stand Up, Inc. | Video

Dec 03

An animated presentation of exactly what Supported Employment is and how it works. Check it out!

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Linda Young April 15, 2013

Stand Up, Inc. is a wonderful organization in helping people with disabilities. The people, that I know, who work for Stand Up, Inc. are very caring and very giving people. So anxious to see the people they find jobs for to not only succeed on the job but also in all other aspects of their lives.

Jeremy Ramirez May 16, 2014

To those at Stand up, Inc. I just wanted to say that I appreciate this video that you published on Supportive Employment. I have been a job coach for over a year now and recently have been promoted to Job Developer for The Valley Achievement Center in Bakersfield California. It has been a struggle to articulate the concepts of job developing/coaching to potential employers and because of this I have yet to place any clients in my 5 weeks in office. This video has already proven to be a great resource and I will continue to use it. Thank you

    Stand Up, Inc. May 22, 2014

    Thanks for the kind words. We wish you much success in the work you are doing on the west coast.

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