Nov 30

John Williams

Employment Specialist

Hello, John Williams here.  I am a Lynchburg native and Graduate of Lynchburg College with a BA in Religious Studies and a minor in Human Services, I also received an associates from Central Virginia Community College in Education.  I am a true believer in all forms of education and I view learning as an adventure.  

What brought me to Stand-Up was the knowledge that people learn differently and the belief that work defines who we are and compensation determines how we live.  

Before joining stand up I worked for a company called Insights.  At Insights I sought to connect young people to educational opportunities, trades careers, and advanced training in well paying high demand fields such as nursing and computer sciences.  

The draw back for me with the program was not being able to be a part of the growth process, to ensure the success of clients once they were enrolled in a program.  

With Stand-Up I get to play an active part in creating a better future for my clients.  I love teaching and mentoring my clients as well as learning from them.  

The greatest lesson that I have learned from my clients is really there is no distinction between them and myself beyond an additional need for support.  We all have dreams and ambitions and a desire to be a productive member of society.  

I have two quotes that truly believe in “ Teamwork makes the Dream work”  and “If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.”  

My first job as a teen was a custodian.   I had no training or experience but I was successful because I had a great mentors. You could even say they were like family.

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