Jul 24

Nicki Baugher

Employment Specialist

Before coming to work at Stand Up, Nicki was a stay at home Mom taking care of her two foster sons for over a year. She was interested in working with Stand Up because when thinking about going back into the workforce, she did not just want a job, she wanted to work in a position that makes a difference somewhere and somehow in the world. 

Nicki grew up with an aunt diagnosed with Down Syndrome. She has always volunteered and worked with her and her friends, from the Special Olympics to the VFW Dances for Summer and Christmas. When Nicki found the job opening with Stand Up, she felt like it was the perfect position to apply for so that going back to work would be a meaningful experience. One that has a mission in line with something she is passionate about: helping others to identify their best selves, and live their best lives.

When not at work, Nicki enjoys spending time with her two sons, aged 15 and 6, which can be anything from going to the movies, watching TV at home, playing board games, or going for a walk around the neighborhood. In addition to spending time with the kids, she is a youth group leader at her church. Nicki also enjoys spending time with her wife either playing cards, seeing a theater show, or driving around the outskirts of town taking in the beautiful scenery this part of Virginia has to offer. Occasionally, she enjoys spending time alone. She loves to cook, and is a huge movie and music buff as well.

Nicki has a few quirky habits, she loves to play a lottery scratch ticket from time to time, collect Barbie Dolls and shot glasses and has been told a time or two that she may end up being the neighborhood cat lady at some point in her life. 🙂