Nicole Kartowski

By Stand Up, Inc. | Employment Specialist

Jan 20

Nicole Kartowski 

Employment Specialist

Prior to working for Stand Up Inc. I had been working at Church Street Bridal for about 3 years; a non-profit organization which funds women and children who have been subjected to domestic violence and sexual assault.

In enduring an abusive relationship, myself, I am a huge advocate for the empowerment of women and any other human being, as we all deserve to feel loved and worthy.

Around last August I began to feel a pull at my heart that there was something else planned for me and that is when I came across Stand Up! It has been a huge blessing to be able to work for this company and to begin a new journey in empowering individuals. I have always known that if that is what I am doing, I will feel fulfilled, and I do!

Being able to help these individuals overcome any fears and barriers into success, along with forming relationships with them is something extremely special and rewarding to my heart. Along with assisting in changing their lives, they are doing the exact same for us.

Hobbies include playing tennis, hiking, and volunteering at the animal shelter/spending time with animals.

Favorite Quote:
“Dare to reach your hand into the darkness to pull another hand into the light.” –Norman B. Rice

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