Jul 24

Tara K. Howard

Employment Specialist

Tara is a full-time student studying American Sign Language and Social Work/Human Services. She’ll graduate with her Bachelor’s in May 2019 and begin her Master’s level the following fall.

Tara has worked in retail since she was 16. She started at Journeys in the mall and ended up at Walmart right before coming to work at Stand Up. She wanted to find a job where she could actually help people in some way and better utilize the skills she's obtained throughout the years.

Tara found Stand Up, Inc online while looking for a more fulfilling career.  She knew she could feel better about her work at Stand Up. Since starting, she's found the work to be enjoyable and she's been lot happier in her career than she's been in any other job she's held. 

Tara's end goal is to work with the Deaf community, specifically Deaf children that are in foster care. She is drawn to work with foster kids since hearing her boyfriend’s stories of his life in foster care. 

In her free time, she's probably reading, doing a puzzle, baking, or building a new computer. She also has volunteered with Roanoke Rescue Mission, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and Relay for Life.

Favorite Quote:

“You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world!” – Doctor Who