Dereck Cunningham

By Stand Up, Inc. | Employment Specialist

Jul 23

Dereck Cunningham

Employment Specialist

Dereck attended CVCC studying Commercial Arts and studied Computer Programming at Stratford Career Institute. Dereck is the Owner of Stained Dreams stained glass company where he designs and constructs decorative stained glass windows.

Dereck was Co-founder and Assistant Manager of Lynchburg Grows. He wore many hats during his 14 years at Lynchburg Grows. He sat on the board as Vice President and President. He also held the positions of Manager and Assistant Manager for a period of time.

He received awards for working with  Lynchburg City Schools in agricultural education. He has been acknowledged as one of Lynchburg City's 20 Under 40 "Influential Business People" in the city of Lynchburg. Dereck is also a community leader with is Church working with youth. His first job was working for a stained glass company making windows for churches.

Dereck's favorite part of working with Stand Up is all of the great individuals he has the pleasure of working with as coworkers and customers. Dereck chose to work in this field, because of the affiliation Stand Up had with his last employer and their commitment to working with the Special Needs community. He has learned that with patience comes great rewards working in this field. Dereck looks forward to continuing to work for Stand Up serving the special needs community in the school systems and the workforce market.

Dereck's hobbies involve learning and creating things, playing chess, drawing and learning new skills.