Job Coaching

Once you have found the right job for you, your job coach will still be around to help. Stand Up, Inc. representatives can work side by side with you, helping to train you while you learn your new position.

We will be around as much, or as little, as you need in order to be successful. We can assist you not only in learning your new job tasks, but also in communicating with supervisors, securing transportation, learning employers' rules and adjusting to all of the new responsibilities that come with your new job.

As you become more comfortable, your job coach will gradually 'fade' by spending less time side by side with you, to allow you to achieve more independence.

“My Job Coach helped me by making it possible to go back to work and feel like a productive citizen once again. They believed in me when I couldn’t.”  - Victor Kiehl

For more information, please contact Dan Reichard, at [email protected].