Follow Along

Once you have been on the job for some time and feel comfortable working on your own, your job coach will step back and let you work independently.

But, don’t worry; your Stand Up, Inc. job coach will not be too far away. They will continue to be available to you and to your job supervisor as long as you work for that company.

Once independence has been achieved, the job coach will still visit you on the job site, usually, twice a month.  This will allow the employment specialist, you, and your employer an opportunity to discuss and resolve any issues or changes regarding the job.

Follow-Along is an important part of long-term job success.

(Service and funding provided by Stand Up, Inc. as approved by DARS and LTESS funding available. Stand Up, Inc. is so committed to this program and the results Follow Along brings to our customers; we have invested financially and personally to ensure the success of our customers.)

For more information, please contact Dan Reichard.