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Finding The Right Employee

At Stand Up, Inc., we recognize that employers are looking for the best employees possible. We represent a pool of capable employees who are ready to work and have the training and support necessary to be successful.

Through the use of Supported Employment, we will work with you closely to ensure that every individual we represent is prepared to work and able to provide your organization the productivity you are looking for. If there is ever an issue, we are only a phone call away to provide the support needed to resolve any problems that may arise.

How We Do It

Stand Up, Inc. has a dedicated Business Development Specialist that understands our business partners needs. We utilize qualified Employment Specialists (Job Coaches) that work directly with job seekers.

Once employment is found, the Job Coach works with the individual on their new job to help train the new employee in the position. This means the employer will not have to spend any more time training them than with any other new hire.

Job Coaching and Training

Stand Up, Inc. is a nationally accredited provider of Supported Employment Services.

Job Coaches provide on the job support during the orientation and training period. Coaches are with new hires on the job site and offer as much assistance to the new employee and to the employer as needed

There is no cost to the employer for Stand Up, Inc. services

Stand Up, Inc. serves a variety of businesses and employees throughout Central and Southwest Virginia. Please contact us directly with any questions in regards to service area.

We can also offer assistance with additional training, tax incentives and many other benefits that can help your organization secure employees that will represent and serve you in the professional manner that every employer desires.

Virginia supported employment services provide businesses with the resources they need to successfully recruit, hire, retain and advance individuals with disabilities within their organizations.

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