Student Transition Employment Program (STEP)

Student Transition Employment Program

The STEP Program, a partnership between local city or county high schools and Stand Up, Inc. is designed to aid participants in learning the necessary skills to become successful in a competitive workplace environment.

Through various classroom and hands-on learning experiences, the students will leave the program having learned valuable social skills, interpersonal communication skills, work ethics, safety training, and many other concepts related to the workforce.

Students will begin each quarter with a one week instructional period, in which they will study and be tested on specific topics, ranging from communication in the workplace to resume building.

Following this classroom time, the students will then disperse into the community job sites for an eight week “on the job training” session. While on site, students will learn actual jobs and skill sets, and work in these environments just as an actual employee would.

A job coach will be on site with the students at all times, to aid in skill acquisition and monitor their progress. Following the eight week session, students will come back to the classroom for one week, to share their work experiences and review what they learned that quarter.

On the job sites, students will be able to perform duties needed by the community partner as assigned by management. Job coaches will be on site with the students at all times to ensure that students are productive and helpful to STEP’s community partners. All students will follow the rules and regulations of the job sites, just as any paid employee would be expected to do.

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