Job Development

Securing employment in today’s job market is a difficult task by itself. If you have barriers to employment such as a disability, lack of transportation, or maybe you have not worked in a few years, the task of finding employment can be even more difficult.


What is Job Development?

A Job Developer identifies job opportunities in a job seekers community and matches their skills and interest with the needs of employers.

Once you have decided which field of employment that you would like to pursue, your representative from Stand Up, Inc. will begin to contact employers within the community. They will arrange interviews with potential employers and the employment specialist will, if necessary, transport and advocate for you, the customer, during the interviewing and hiring process. (Includes SE Job Development and JCTS Job Development)

The Employment Specialists at Stand Up, Inc. can assist you in finding not only a job, but the right job for you. We will help you explore open positions and assist you throughout the application and interviewing process.

Stand Up has many employment partners in our local areas who understand that, sometimes, people only need a chance to show what they can do. We are here to help you find that employer.

For more information, please contact Dan Reichard.