Jan 20

Lauren Adams

Transition & PreETS Coordinator

​Lauren received her degree in Psychology from Winthrop University. Originally from Fort Mill, South Carolina, Lauren moved to Lynchburg in 2015 looking for new experiences. She began by coaching individuals in the Lynchburg and Bedford areas and then assisted with the startup of Lynchburg’s first Project Search program. Lauren is now the Transition and Pre-ETS Coordinator for Stand Up, where she is overseeing the Project Search and STEP programs.

Lauren was drawn to this job because she is passionate about teaching individuals that they have a voice. She loves being able to encourage individuals who do not see all that they are capable of achieving. She wants them to see successes in their life and gain confidence in themselves.

Lauren’s previous experience as a barista was what made her realize how much she enjoying training others to be good workers. She loved watching new employees as they transform from nervous beginners to confident workers and then to trainers.

Lauren’s hobbies include playing guitar, singing, painting, and taking her dog for walks on the trails. Lauren is a big animal lover! She has an adorable boxer/lab mix named Indy!

Favorite quote….

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” --Oscar Wilde

Email: [email protected]