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Jan 05

Typewriter Artist

By Stand Up, Inc. | News

Every so often, life throws us a curve. It doesn’t seem fair or deserved most of the time. But, with the right attitude we can take a not so good situation and turn it into something incredibly powerful. Paul Smith was born with severe cerebral palsy, a disease that causes debilitating physical disability. Did Paul […]

Dec 02

Employment First

By Stand Up, Inc. | News

Employment First A belief that employment in the general workforce is the first and preferred outcome in the provision of publicly funded services for all working age citizens with disabilities, regardless of level of disability. For many people that receive state funded services, the idea of employment has almost been an afterthought, especially for people […]

Nov 25

Collaborations Conference 2014

By Stand Up, Inc. | Virginia Supported Employment

The annual Collaborations Conference includes rehabilitation professionals, educators and advocates for the intention of improving services that result in successful employment and high quality community-based services for people with disabilities.The Collaborations Conference is a joint conference hosted by a partnership with the Virginia Rehabilitation Association (VRA), the Virginia Association of Community Rehabilitation Programs (vaACCSES) and […]

Mar 04

Supported Employment In Southwest Virginia

By Stand Up, Inc. | Business Development

Stand Up, Inc. began offering supported employment in Southwest Virginia at the beginning of February 2014. Stand Up is  a service provider for the Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) and will be working with their offices in Wytheville, Marion and Galax. Stand Up will be expanding their services to include Abingdon, Pounding Mill […]