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Feb 14

Lori Moore

By Stand Up, Inc. | Employment Specialist

Lori Moore

Employment Specialist

Lori Moore is an Employment Specialist with Stand Up's Southwest Virginia team.

She graduated from Southwest Virginia Community College with certifications in Business Management and Medical Records. Lori plans to further her education at Virginia Highlands Community College in the Fall of 2018 and will focus her studies in Human Services. 

Before becoming an Employment Specialist in 2017, Lori worked as a Regional Manager for Goodwill Industries of Tenneva which strengthened her passion for helping others. 

Lori's favorite part of working for Stand Up is helping her customers obtain employment and reaching their employment goals.

“The most sincere form of kindness is not to show off our greatness but to help another discover their own.”
― Charles F. Glassman

Nov 14

Paige Boardwine

By Stand Up, Inc. | Regional Supervisor/SW VA

Paige Boardwine

Regional Supervisor/SW VA

Hello! I graduated from Concord University with my Bachelors in Psychology in 2015. I am originally from McDowell County, West Virginia but moved to Tazewell Virgina soon after I graduated college to find better employment. I am now a Regional Supervisor for the Southwest Area.

I chose this field because I have always had a passion for helping others. Since working for Stand Up, I have grown to be a better person because of what this job has shown me. My customers have taught me so many things and shown me, as well as others, that the "impossible" is possible. I absolutely love watching them succeed and watching them gain confidence in themselves. I honestly cannot think of one aspect of my job that I do not enjoy.

My previous job experience was a waitress. One of my favorite things was being around people and helping them with the things that they needed. I love to see people smile, and one way to do that is to make your customers happy!

My hobbies include being outdoors. I love to hunt, fish, kayak, etc. I also enjoy playing tennis and hiking.

My favorite quote is:
You are you, that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is youer than you - Dr. Seuss

Email: [email protected]

Sep 01

Stand Up, Inc. Celebrates 6 Years

By Stand Up, Inc. | News

September 1 marks Stand Up, Inc.'s sixth year of providing employment services to individuals with disabilities in Virginia. In that time we have grown from primarily serving Lynchburg, Virginia to covering the majority of central, south-side and southwest Virginia.

We've come a long way since September 1, 2009 and we're looking forward to continued growth in the future. Thanks to all the people who have made the last 6 years possible. Our employees, community partners, and customers continue to move us forward in hopes to provide the best service possible.

Aug 22

STEP–Students and Parents

By Stand Up, Inc. | Transition Services

What is STEP?

STEP (Student Transition Employment Program) is a partnership between Stand Up Inc., local city or county high schools, and community businesses. It is designed to aid participants in learning the necessary skills to become successful in a competitive workplace environment. Through various classroom and hands-on learning experiences, the students will leave the program having learned valuable social skills, interpersonal communication skills, work ethics, safety training, and many other concepts related to the workforce. 

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