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Jan 07

How To Find Jobs In Virginia

By Stand Up, Inc. | Find Jobs In Virginia

To find jobs in Virginia in today's job market you need to be proactive. Making use of all of your resources and following up on applications is vital.

At Stand Up, Inc. we're about more than simply helping people find job opportunities. Our agency assists people who have significant disabilities find jobs that suit their skills and abilities.

Dec 20

5 Facts About Employers Who Hire People With Disabilities

By Stand Up, Inc. | Virginia Supported Employment

Together with tax credits and incentives, employers who hire people with disabilities discover they’ve got devoted long-term workers that are genuinely devoted to the organization. Individuals with disabilities are innovative, skilled and imaginative. Stand Up, Inc. enhances and expands the reach of your human resources department by assisting you with recruiting, screening, training, and recommending […]