Mar 04

Supported Employment In Southwest Virginia

By Stand Up, Inc. | Business Development

Stand Up, Inc. began offering supported employment in Southwest Virginia at the beginning of February 2014. Stand Up is  a service provider for the Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) and will be working with their offices in Wytheville, Marion and Galax. Stand Up will be expanding their services to include Abingdon, Pounding Mill and Norton Virginia in the near future

Mar 25

Transition Services For Students With Disabilities

By Stand Up, Inc. | Transition Services

Effective transition services for students with disabilities are essential for their success in the workplace after high school.

Virginia supported employment provider Stand Up, Inc. has developed a curriculum that has been adopted in many Virginia school systems which makes the difficult transition from school to work much easier.

Stand Up calls it's program STEP (Student Transition Employment Program.) It is a partnership between local city or county high schools and community businesses.

Mar 08

Businesses Partner With Local Schools to Produce Employees of the Future

By Stand Up, Inc. | Transition Services

The STEP Program (Student Transition Employment Program) is a partnership between local city or county high schools and community businesses.

It is designed to aid participants in learning the necessary skills to become successful in a competitive workplace environment. Through various classroom and hands-on learning experiences, the students will leave the program having learned valuable social skills, interpersonal communication skills, work ethics, safety training, and many other concepts related to the workforce.

Jan 28

Valuable Tips For A Good Interview

By Stand Up, Inc. | Find Jobs In Virginia

Having spent days, weeks, or perhaps many months searching for the ideal job you'll want to feel self-confident when an employer calls you in for a job interview. You will only have a few moments to sell your skills, experiences, and attitude to the company.

Keep in mind these tips for a good interview and you could make your job interview a lot more successful.

Jan 16

Should You Use a Skills Resume Format?

By Stand Up, Inc. | Find Jobs In Virginia

Resumes are marketing tools which present the important points that men and women would like to show a prospective employer, so when working on your resume, customize it towards the job that you are applying for by focusing on your skills, qualifications, and achievements for the job qualifications or requirements.

Jan 07

How To Find Jobs In Virginia

By Stand Up, Inc. | Find Jobs In Virginia

To find jobs in Virginia in today's job market you need to be proactive. Making use of all of your resources and following up on applications is vital.

At Stand Up, Inc. we're about more than simply helping people find job opportunities. Our agency assists people who have significant disabilities find jobs that suit their skills and abilities.